Folk taxonomy pages

Aardvarks (family orycteropodidae)
Aardvarks or Ant Bears (order tubulidentata)
Abrocomidae (family)
Acanthaceae (family)
Acanthisittidae (family)
Accentors (family prunellidae)
Acrobatidae (family)
Actinidiaceae (family)
Advanced Snakes (family colubridae)
Aegithinidae (family)
Aegothelidae (family)
African Mole-rats (family bathyergidae)
African Reed Frogs (family hyperoliidae)
Agamidae (family)
Aizoaceae (family)
Alaudidae (family)
Albatrosses (family diomedeidae)
Albatrosses, Petrels (order procellariiformes)
Alderflies (family sialidae)
Aligators and Caimans (family alligatoridae)
Alismataceae (family)
Alismatales (order)
Alvinellidae (family)
Alytidae (family)
Amaranthaceae (family)
Amazon River Dolphins (family iniidae)
American Anteaters (family myrmecophagidae)
American Opossums (order didelphimorphia)
American Spiny Rats (family echimyidae)
Amphipods (order amphipoda)
Amphiumas (family amphiumidae)
Annelids (phylum annelida)
Anniellidae (family)
Anomalures (family anomaluridae)
Antbirds (family thamnophilidae)
Anteaters and Sloths (order pilosa)
Antlions (family myrmeleontidae)
Antlions, Aphidlions, Lacewing (order neuroptera)
Ants (family formicidae)
Aphids, Plant Lice (family aphididae)
Apiaceae (family)
Apiales (order)
Aquifoliales (order)
Araceae (family)
Arachnids (class arachnida)
Arecales (order)
Armadillo (order cingulata)
Armadillos (family dasypodidae)
Aromobatidae (family)
Arrowroot Family (family marantaceae)
Artamidae (family)
Arthroleptidae (family)
Arthropods (phylum arthropoda)
Ascomycota (phylum)
Asian pipe snakes (family cylindrophiidae)
Asiatic Linsangs (family prionodontidae)
Asiatic Salamander (family hynobiidae)
Asiatic Tailed Caecilians (family ichthyophiidae)
Asparagales (order)
Aspleniaceae (family)
Assassin bugs, Ambush bugs, Wheel bugs (family reduviidae)
Asterales (order)
Asters, Daisies, Sunflowers (family asteraceae)
Atrichornithidae (family)
Auks, Murres, Puffins (family alcidae)
Australasian Robins (family petroicidae)
Aye-aye (family daubentoniidae)
Backswimmers (family notonectidae)
Bandicoots (family peramelidae)
Barberry Family (family berberidaceae)
Barn Owls (family tytonidae)
Basidiomycota (phylum)
Basking Shark (family cetorhinidae)
Bass and Perches (order perciformes)
Bataguridae (family)
Bats (order chiroptera)
Bayberry family (family myricaceae)
Beaded Lizards (family helodermatidae)
Beaked Whales (family hyperoodontidae)
Bears (family ursidae)
Beaver (family castoridae)
Bee Flies (family bombyliidae)
Beech Family (family fagaceae)
Bee-eaters (family meropidae)
Beetles (order coleoptera)
Bellflower Family (family campanulaceae)
Belted Skimmers (family macromiidae)
Bigonias (family bignoniaceae)
Bilbies (family thylacomyidae)
Birch Family (family betulaceae)
Bird-of-paradise (family paradisaeidae)
Birthwort Family (family aristolochiaceae)
Bison, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Antelopes (family bovidae)
Bittersweet Family (family celastraceae)
Bivalves (class bivalvia)
Blackbirds (family icteridae)
Bladderworts (family lentibulariaceae)
Blechnaceae (family)
Blister Beetles (family meloidae)
Boids (family boidae)
Bombinatoridae (family)
Bombycillidae (family)
Borage Family (family boraginaceae)
Bowerbirds (family ptilonorhynchidae)
Boxwood Family (family buxaceae)
Brachycephalidae (family)
Brachypteraciidae (family)
Brassicales (order)
Brevicipitidae (family)
Brine Shrimp, Water Fleas (class branchiopoda)
Bristle Ferns (family hymenophyllaceae)
Broadbills (family eurylaimidae)
Broad-winged Damselflies (family calopterygidae)
Brush-Footed Butterflies (family nymphalidae)
Bryophytes (phylum bryophyta)
Buckbean Family (family menyanthaceae)
Buckthorn Family (family rhamnaceae)
Buckwheat Family (family polygonaceae)
Bulbuls (family pycnonotidae)
Bullhead Sharks (family heterodontidae)
Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, Cuckoo Bees, Carpenter Bees (family apidae)
Burmanniaceae (family)
Burramyidae (family)
Burrowing Asps (family atractaspididae)
Bushshrikes (family malaconotidae)
Buthidae (family)
Buttercup Family (family ranunculaceae)
Butterflies, Skippers, Moths (order lepidoptera)
Buttonquails (family turnicidae)
Cactus Family (family cactaceae)
Caecilians (order gymnophiona)
Callaeatidae (family)
Callitrichidae (family)
Calyptocephalellidae (family)
Camel Crickets (family rhaphidophoridae)
Camels (family camelidae)
Campephagidae (family)
Canalipalpata (order)
Capparaceae (family)
Capromyidae (family)
Carcharhinidae (family)
Cardinals (family cardinalidae)
Carettochelyidae (family)
Carnivores (order carnivora)
Carpet Sharks (order orectolobiformes)
Carpet-weed Family (family molluginaceae)
Carps and minnows (family cyprinidae)
Carrion and Burying Beetles (family silphidae)
Cartilaginous Fishes (class chondrichthyes)
Caryophyllales (order)
Casebearer Moths (family coleophoridae)
Cassowaries (family casuariidae)
Catfishes (order siluriformes)
Cats (family felidae)
Cattail Famly (family typhaceae)
Celastrales (order)
Centipedes (class chilopoda)
Cephalopods (class cephalopoda)
Ceratobatrachidae (family)
Cercidiphyllaceae (family)
Certhiidae (family)
Chachalacas, Guans and Curassows (family cracidae)
Chamaeleonidae (family)
Characidae (family)
Characiformes (order)
Cheirogaleids (family cheirogaleidae)
Chelidae (family)
Chevrotains (family tragulidae)
Chickadees, Titmice (family paridae)
Chinchillas (family chinchillidae)
Chordates (phylum chordata)
Christmas Mistletoe Family (family santalaceae)
Cicadas (family cicadidae)
Cinclidae (family)
Cisticolidae (family)
Clawed Lobsters (family nephropidae)
Clearwing Moths (family sesiidae)
Click Beetles (family elateridae)
Club Mosses (family lycopodiaceae)
Club Mosses, Spikemosses and Quillworts (phylum lycopodiophyta)
Clubmosses (class lycopodiopsida)
Clubtails (family gomphidae)
Clusiaceae (family)
Cnidarians (phylum cnidaria)
Cobweb Weavers (family theridiidae)
Cod (order gadiformes)
Coerebidae (family)
Colugos or Flying Lemurs (order dermoptera)
Comb Jellies (phylum ctenophora)
Commelinaceae (family)
Commelinales (order)
Common Caecilians (family caeciliidae)
Common Earwigs (family forficulidae)
Conifers (phylum pinophyta, class pinopsida)
Coots, Rails, Waterhens (family rallidae)
Coppers, Hairstreaks (family lycaenidae)
Coraciidae (family)
Cormorants (family phalacrocoracidae)
Cornales (order)
Cotingas (family cotingidae)
Crab Spiders (family thomisidae)
Crane Flies (family tipulidae)
Craseonycteridae (family)
Craugastoridae (family)
Crayfish, Lobsters, Crabs (order decapoda)
Crayfishes (family astacidae, family cambaridae)
Cricetidae (family)
Crocodile sharks (family pseudocarchariidae)
Crocodilians (order crocodilia)
Crotaphytidae (family)
Crows, Ravens, Jays (family corvidae)
Cuckoos and Ani (order cuculiformes)
Cuckoos, Roadrunners, Anis (family cuculidae)
Cucurbitaceae (family)
Cucurbitales (order)
Currants, Gooseberries (family grossulariaceae)
Cuscutaceae (family)
Custard-apple Family (family annonaceae)
Cycloramphidae (family)
Cypress Family (family cupressaceae)
Darkling Beetles (family tenebrionidae)
Darners (family aeshnidae)
Darters (family anhingidae)
Dasyuridae (family)
Death Watch and Spider Beetles (family anobiidae)
Deer (family cervidae)
Dennstaedtiaceae (family)
Dermatemydidae (family)
Dermochelyidae (family)
Dicots (class magnoliopsida)
Dicranales (order)
Dicroglossidae (family)
Dinomyidae (family)
Dioscoreales (order)
Dipsacales (order)
Dog, Coyote, Wolf, Fox (family canidae)
Dogbane Family (family apocynaceae)
Dogwood Family (family cornaceae)
Dormice (family myoxidae)
Dragonflies and Damselflies (order odonata)
Drongos (family dicruridae)
Dryopteridaceae (family)
Ducks, Geese, Swans (family anatidae)
Dugongs (family dugongidae)
Dugongs, Sea Cows, and Manatees (order sirenia)
Dwarf boas (family tropidophiidae, family typhlopidae)
Dysiderids (family dysderidae)
Eared Seals (family otariidae)
Earth-Boring Scarab Beetle (family geotrupidae)
Earthworms (order haplotaxida)
Earwigs (order dermaptera)
Ebony Family (family ebenaceae)
Echidnas (family tachyglossidae)
Echinoderms (phylum echinodermata)
Eels (order anguilliformes)
Elapids (family elapidae)
Electric Rays (order torpediniformes)
Elephant Shrews (family macroscelididae)
Elephant shrews, Sengis (order macroscelidea)
Elephants (family elephantidae)
Elephants, Mammoths, Mastodons (order proboscidea)
Eleutherodactylidae (family)
Ell Grass (family zosteraceae)
Elms (family ulmaceae)
Emballonuridae (family)
Emberizids (family emberizidae)
Emeralds (family corduliidae)
Empetraceae (family)
Emus (family dromaiidae)
Engraulidae (family)
Ericaceae (family)
Ericales (order)
Eriocaulaceae (family)
Estrildid Finches (family estrildidae)
Eupetidae (family)
Euphorbiaceae (family)
Evening-Primrose Family (family onagraceae)
Even-toed Ungulates (order artiodactyla)
Fabaceae (family)
Fabales (order)
Fagales (order)
Falcons, Caracaras (family falconidae)
False Click Beetles (family eucnemidae)
False Vampire Bats (family megadermatidae)
Ferns (class filicopsida)
Ferns, Whisk Ferns (phylum pteridophyta)
Fire-Colored Beetles (family pyrochroidae)
Fissidentaceae (family)
Flamingos (order phoenicopteriformes, family phoenicopteridae)
Flatid Planthoppers (family flatidae)
Flowering Plants (phylum magnoliophyta)
Flying Lemurs (family cynocephalidae)
Fossa, Malagasy Civets and Mongooses (family eupleridae)
Four o'clock Family (family nyctaginaceae)
Free-tailed Bats (family molossidae)
Frigatebirds (family fregatidae)
Frogmouths (family podargidae)
Frogs and Toads (order anura)
Funnel Weaver Spiders (family agelenidae)
Funnel-eared Bats (family natalidae)
Furnariidae (family)
Gall Wasps (family cynipidae)
Gallinaeous Birds (order galliformes)
Ganges and Indus River Dolphins (family platanistidae)
Gannets and Boobies (family sulidae)
Gastropods (class gastropoda)
Geckos (family gekkonidae)
Genets, Binturong, Civets (family viverridae)
Gentian Family (family gentianaceae)
Gentianales (order)
Geraniales (order)
Geranium Family (family geraniaceae)
Gharials and False Gharials (family gavialidae)
Ghost Frogs (family heleophrynidae)
Giant Cockroaches (family blaberidae)
Giant Crab Spiders (family sparassidae)
Giant Silkworm Moths, Royal Moths (family saturniidae)
Gibbons (family hylobatidae)
Gingkos (phylum ginkgophyta)
Ginglymostomatidae (family)
Ginkgoaceae (family)
Ginkgoales (order)
Ginkgos (class ginkgoopsida)
Ginseng Family (family araliaceae)
Giraffes (family giraffidae)
Glareolidae (family)
Glass Frogs (family centrolenidae)
Glass Lizards (family anguidae)
Glomerida (order)
Gnateaters (family conopophagidae)
Gnetae (class gnetopsida)
Goatsuckers (family caprimulgidae)
Goatsuckers, Nighthawks (order caprimulgiformes)
Golden moles (family chrysochloridae)
Gradungulidae (family)
Grasses (family poaceae)
Grasshoppers and Locusts (family acrididae)
Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids (order orthoptera)
Gray Whales (family eschrichtiidae)
Grebes (order podicipediformes, family podicipedidae)
Green Algae (phylum chlorophyta)
Grossbeaks, Crossbills (family fringillidae)
Ground Antbirds (family formicariidae)
Ground Beetles (family carabidae)
Ground Hornbills (family bucorvidae)
Ground Sharks (order carcharhiniformes)
Grouse, Partridges, Pheasants, Quail, Turkeys (family phasianidae)
Gruidae (family)
Guinea Pig, Wild Cavies, and the Capybara, (family caviidae)
Guineafowl (family numididae)
Gulls, Terns (family laridae)
Hacklemesh Weavers (family amaurobiidae)
Haloragaceae (family)
Hard Ticks (family ixodidae)
Hares and Rabbits (order lagomorpha)
Hawks Eagles Falcons Kestrel (order falconiformes)
Hawks, Eagles, Kites, Harriers (family accipitridae)
Hedgehogs (order erinaceomorpha, family erinaceidae)
Heliornithidae (family)
Hellbenders (family cryptobranchidae)
Helmeted Lizards (family corytophanidae)
Hemiphractidae (family)
Hemisotidae (family)
Herons Ibises Storks and Vultures (order ciconiiformes)
Herons, Bitterns (family ardeidae)
Herrings (order clupeiformes)
Heterodontiformes (order)
Heteromyidae (family)
Hexanchiformes (order)
Hippopotamuses (family hippopotamidae)
Hogs and Pigs (family suidae)
Hollies (family aquifoliaceae)
Hominids (family hominidae)
Honeyeaters (family meliphagidae)
Honeysuckle Family (family caprifoliaceae)
Hoopoe (family upupidae)
Hornbills (family bucerotidae)
Horned Frogs (family ceratophryidae)
Horse and Deer Flies (family tabanidae)
Horses, Donkeys, Zebras (family equidae)
Horseshoe Crabs (class merostomata, order xiphosura)
Horsetails (phylum equisetophyta, class equisetopsida, family equisetaceae)
House Flies, Stable Flies (family muscidae)
Hummingbirds (family trochilidae)
Hydrocharitaceae (family)
Hyenas, Aardwolves (family hyaenidae)
Hylids (family hylidae)
Hyraxes (order hyracoidea, family procaviidae)
Hystricidae (family)
Ibises, Spoonbills (family threskiornithidae)
Ichneumonids (family ichneumonidae)
Iguanidae (family)
Indicatoridae (family)
Indridae (family)
Insects (class insecta)
Iris Family (family iridaceae)
Isoetales (order)
Isopods, Pillbugs, Sowbugs (order isopoda)
Istiophoridae (family)
Jacamar (family galbulidae)
Jaegers (family stercorariidae)
Jerusalem Crickets (family stenopelmatidae)
Jumping Mice (family dipodidae)
Jumping Spiders (family salticidae)
Kangaroos and Wallabies (family macropodidae)
Kangaroos, Wallabies (order diprotodontia)
Katydids (family tettigoniidae)
Kingfishers (family alcedinidae)
Kinglets (family regulidae)
Kiwi (family apterygidae)
Ladybird Beetles (family coccinellidae)
Lamiales (order)
Lampreys (class cephalaspidomorphi, order petromyzoniformes)
Lapwings, Plovers (family charadriidae)
Laurales (order)
Laurel Family (family lauraceae)
Leadwort Family (family plumbaginaceae)
Leaf Beetles (family chrysomelidae)
Leaf Skeletonizer Moths (family zygaenidae)
Leaf-cutting Bees (family megachilidae)
leaf-nosed bats (family phyllostomidae)
Leaf-Rolling Weevils (family attelabidae)
Leiopelmatidae (family)
Leiuperidae (family)
Lemnaceae (family)
Lemuridae (family)
Leptodactylidae (family)
Liliales (order)
Lily Family (family liliaceae)
Limnodynastidae (family)
Linaceae (family)
Liphistiidae (family)
Liverworts (phylum hepatophyta)
Lizards and Snakes (order squamata)
Loasaceae (family)
Lobe-finned Fishes (class sarcopterygii)
Loganiaceae (family)
Long-Horned Beetles (family cerambycidae)
Long-horned Earwigs (family labiduridae)
Loons (order gaviiformes, family gaviidae)
Loosestrife Family (family lythraceae)
Loridae (family)
Lotus Family (family nelumbonaceae)
Lungless Salamanders (family plethodontidae)
Lycopodiales (order)
Lyrebirds (family menuridae)
Mackerel Sharks (order lamniformes, family lamnidae)
Magnolia Family (family magnoliaceae)
Magnoliales (order)
Malacostracans (class malacostraca)
Malpighiales (order)
Maluridae (family)
Malvaceae (family)
Malvales (order)
Manakins (family pipridae)
Manatees (family trichechidae)
Mantellidae (family)
Mantids (family mantidae)
Marmosets, Tamarins, Capuchin Monkeys And Squirrel Monkeys (family cebidae)
Marsupial Carnivores (order dasyuromorphia)
Marsupial Moles (order peramelemorphia)
Maxillopoda (class)
Measuringworms, Geometers (family geometridae)
Megamouth Sharks (family megachasmidae)
Megapodes (family megapodiidae)
Megophryidae (family)
Melatomas (family melastomataceae)
Mesitornithidae (family)
Metallic Wood-Boring Beetles (family buprestidae)
Metalmark Butterflies (family riodinidae)
Micrixalidae (family)
Microbiotheria (order)
Microbiotheriidae (family)
Microhylidae (family)
Midges (family chironomidae)
Milkweeds (family asclepiadaceae)
Milkworts (family polygalaceae)
Millipedes (class diplopoda)
Minnows and Suckers (order cypriniformes)
Mint Family (family lamiaceae)
Mockingbirds, Thrashers (family mimidae)
Mole Crickets (family gryllotalpidae)
Mole Salamanders (family ambystomatidae)
Moles (family talpidae)
Mollusks (phylum mollusca)
Monarch Flycatchers (family monarchidae)
Mongooses, Meerkat (family herpestidae)
Monitors (family varanidae)
Monocots (class liliopsida)
Moonseed Family (family menispermaceae)
Morning-glory Family (family convolvulaceae)
Mosquitoes (family culicidae)
Mosses (class bryopsida)
Motmot (family momotidae)
Mouse-tailed Bats (family rhinopomatidae)
Mud and Musk Turtles (family kinosternidae)
Mudminnows (family umbridae)
Mudpuppies (family proteidae)
Mulberry Family (family moraceae)
Musk Deer (family moschidae)
Musophagidae (family)
Mustard Family (family brassicaceae)
Myobatrachidae (family)
Myrmecobiidae (family)
Myrtales (order)
Myzopodidae (family)
Najadaceae (family)
Narrow-winged Damselflies (family coenagrionidae)
Narwhal, White Beluga (family monodontidae)
Nasikabatrachidae (family)
Nephilidae (family)
Nettle Family (family urticaceae)
New World Porcupines (family erethizontidae)
New World Quails (family odontophoridae)
New World Vultures (family cathartidae)
New Zealand Short-tailed Bats (family mystacinidae)
Newts (family salamandridae)
Night Lizards (family xantusiidae)
Nightshade Family (family solanaceae)
Noctilionidae (family)
Norfolk Island Pine Family (family araucariaceae)
Notoryctemorphia (order)
Notoryctidae (family)
Nursery Web Spiders (family pisauridae)
Nuthatches (family sittidae)
Nyctibatrachidae (family)
Nymphaeales (order)
Oceanic Dolphins (family delphinidae)
Octodontidae (family)
Octopoda (order)
Octopodidae (family)
Odd-toed Ungulates (order perissodactyla)
Old World Babbler (family timaliidae)
Old World Flycatchers (family muscicapidae)
Old World leaf-nosed bats (family rhinolophidae)
Old World Monkeys (family cercopithecidae)
Old World Sparrows (family passeridae)
Old World Warblers, Gnatcatchers (family sylviidae)
Oleasters (family elaeagnaceae)
Olive Family (family oleaceae)
Ommastrephidae (family)
Ophioglossaceae (family)
Ophioglossales (order)
Opluridae (family)
Opossums (family didelphidae)
Orb Weavers (family araneidae)
Orchid Family (family orchidaceae)
Oriolidae (family)
Ornithorhynchidae (family)
Orobanchaceae (family)
Osteoglossidae (family)
Ostriches (order struthioniformes, family struthionidae)
Otididae (family)
Owlet Moths (family noctuidae)
Owls (order strigiformes)
Palingeniidae (family)
Palm Civets (family nandiniidae)
Pandanales (order)
Pangolins (order pholidota, family manidae)
Parakeets, Macaws, Parrots (family psittacidae)
Parastacidae (family)
Pardalotes (family pardalotidae)
Parrots (order psittaciformes)
Passionflower Famly (family passifloraceae)
Peccaries (family tayassuidae)
Pedionomidae (family)
Pelecanoididae (family)
Pelicans (family pelecanidae)
Pelicans and Cormorants (order pelecaniformes)
Pelomedusidae (family)
Penguins (order sphenisciformes, family spheniscidae)
Peony Family (family paeoniaceae)
Perching Birds (order passeriformes)
Petaltails (family petaluridae)
Petauridae (family)
Petropedetidae (family)
Phalangeridae (family)
Phallaceae (family)
Phascolarctidae (family)
Philepittidae (family)
Phlox Family (family polemoniaceae)
Phrynobatrachidae (family)
Phrynosomatidae (family)
Pigeons and Doves (order columbiformes)
Pigeons, Doves (family columbidae)
Pig-footed Bandicoot (family chaeropodidae)
Pigmy Anteaters (family cyclopedidae)
Pika (family ochotonidae)
Pike (order esociformes)
Pikes (family esocidae)
Pill Beetles (family byrrhidae)
Pillbugs (family armadillidiidae)
Pinales (order)
Pine Family (family pinaceae)
Pink Family (family caryophyllaceae)
Piperales (order)
Pit Vipers (family viperidae)
Pitcher Plant Family (family sarraceniaceae)
Pittas (family pittidae)
Plantaginaceae (family)
Plasterer Bees (family colletidae)
Plated Lizards (family gerrhosauridae)
Platypus and Echidnas (order monotremata)
Platysternidae (family)
Plum-yew Family (family cephalotaxaceae)
Pluvianellidae (family)
Poales (order)
Pocket Gophers (family geomyidae)
Podostemaceae (family)
Pogonophores (class pogonophora)
Poison Arrow Frogs (family dendrobatidae)
Polychaetes (class polychaeta)
Polychrotidae (family)
Polydesmida (order)
Polypodiaceae (family)
Polypodiales (order)
Pond Turtles (family emydidae)
Poppy Family (family papaveraceae)
Porpoise (family phocoenidae)
Potamogetonaceae (family)
Potoo (family nyctibiidae)
Potoroidae (family)
Predaceous Diving Beetles (family dytiscidae)
Predatory Fungus Gnats (family keroplatidae)
Primates (order primates)
Primrose Family (family primulaceae)
Pronghorns (family antilocapridae)
Proteales (order)
Pseudocheiridae (family)
Psophiidae (family)
Pteridaceae (family)
Pteropodidae (family)
Ptychadenidae (family)
Puffbirds (family bucconidae)
Purse-web Spiders (family atypidae)
Purslane Family (family portulacaceae)
Pygmy Right Whales (family neobalaenidae)
Pygopodidae (family)
Pythons (family pythonidae)
Pyxicephalidae (family)
Quillworts (family isoetaceae)
Rabbits, Hares (family leporidae)
Rails and Cranes (order gruiformes)
Ranids (family ranidae)
Ranixalidae (family)
Ranunculales (order)
Raphidae (family)
Rats, Mice, Voles and Lemmings (family muridae)
Ray-finned Fishes (class actinopterygii)
Red Algae (phylum rhodophyta)
Red Pandas (family ailuridae)
Reptiles (class reptilia)
Resedaceae (family)
Rhacophoridae (family)
Rheas (family rheidae)
Rhincodontidae (family)
Rhinocerous (family rhinocerotidae)
Rhipiduridae (family)
Rhynochetidae (family)
Right Whales (family balaenidae)
Ringtail, Raccoon, and Coati (family procyonidae)
Robber Flies (family asilidae)
Rock Slaters (family ligiidae)
Rock-rose Family (family cistaceae)
Rodents (order rodentia)
Rollers Kingfishers and Allies (order coraciiformes)
Rorquals (family balaenopteridae)
Rosales (order)
Rose Family (family rosaceae)
Rostratulidae (family)
Rove Beetles (family staphylinidae)
Rubiaceae (family)
Rue Family (family rutaceae)
Running Spiders (family corinnidae)
Rush Family (family juncaceae)
Salamanders (order caudata)
Salmon (family salmonidae)
Salmon and trout (order salmoniformes)
Sand Tigers (family odontaspididae)
Sandgrouse (family pteroclididae)
Sandpipers, Phalaropes (family scolopacidae)
Santalales (order)
Sapindales (order)
Sapotaceae (family)
Sawflies, Ants, Wasps, Bees (order hymenoptera)
Saxifragaceae (family)
Saxifragales (order)
Scarab Beetles (family scarabaeidae)
Scolopendridae (family)
Scopidae (family)
Scorpions (order scorpiones)
Screamers (family anhimidae)
Scrophulariaceae (family)
Sea Spiders (class pycnogonida, order pantopoda)
Sea Turtles (family cheloniidae)
Secretarybird (family sagittariidae)
Sedges (family cyperaceae)
Seed Bugs (family lygaeidae)
Selaginellales (order)
Sepiidae (family)
Seychelles Frogs (family sooglossidae)
Sharks, Rays (class elasmobranchii)
Shearwaters and Petrels (family procellariidae)
Shield-tailed snakes (family uropeltidae)
Shorebirds and Terns (order charadriiformes)
Shrews (family soricidae)
Shrews and Moles (order soricomorpha)
Shrikes (family laniidae)
Siboglinidae (family)
Silkworm Moths (family bombycidae)
Silversides (order atheriniformes)
Simaroubaceae (family)
Skimmers (family libellulidae)
Skinks (family scincidae)
Skippers (family hesperiidae)
Skunks (family mephitidae)
Slender Blind Snakes (family leptotyphlopidae)
Slit-Faced Bats (family nycteridae)
Small Sperm Whales (family kogiidae)
Smelt (order osmeriformes)
Smokey Bat, Thumbless Bat. (family furipteridae)
Snapping Turtles (family chelydridae)
Snout Beetles (family curculionidae)
Soapberry Family (family sapindaceae)
Soft-Shelled Turtles (family trionychidae)
Softwinged Flower Beetles (family melyridae)
Solanales (order)
Soldier Beetles (family cantharidae)
Solenodons (family solenodontidae)
Sowbugs (family oniscidae)
Spadefoot Toads (family pelobatidae)
Sparganiaceae (family)
Sperm Whales (family physeteridae)
Sphenodontidae (family)
Sphinx or Hawk Moths, Hornworms (family sphingidae)
Sphyrnidae (family)
Spiders (order araneae)
Spike Mosses (family selaginellaceae)
Spiketails (family cordulegastridae)
Spinytail Lizards (family cordylidae)
Spirostreptida (order)
Spirostreptidae (family)
Spittlebugs, Froghoppers (family cercopidae)
Spread-winged Damselflies (family lestidae)
Springtails (order collembola)
Squaliformes (order)
Squatiniformes (order)
Squirrels, Chipmunks, Marmots, Prairie Dogs (family sciuridae)
Stag Beetles (family lucanidae)
Staphyleaceae (family)
Starlings (family sturnidae)
Sticklebacks (order gasterosteiformes)
Stiletto Flies (family therevidae)
Stink Bugs, Soldier Bugs (family pentatomidae)
Stone Centipedes (order lithobiomorpha)
Stonecrops (family crassulaceae)
Stone-curlews (family burhinidae)
Storax family (family styracaceae)
Storks (family ciconiidae)
Storm-petrels (family hydrobatidae)
Strabomantidae (family)
Stream Mayflies (family heptageniidae)
Striped Walkingsticks (family pseudophasmatidae)
Sturgeon (family acipenseridae)
Sturgeons and Paddlefishes (order acipenseriformes)
Suckers (family catostomidae)
Sumac Family (family anacardiaceae)
Sunbirds (family nectariniidae)
Sundew Family (family droseraceae)
Swallows (family hirundinidae)
Swallowtails (family papilionidae)
Swifts (family apodidae)
Swifts and Hummingbirds (order apodiformes)
Symphytognathidae (family)
Syngnathidae (family)
Syngnathiformes (order)
Syrphid Flies (family syrphidae)
Tailless Whipscorpions (order amblypygi)
Tamaricaceae (family)
Tanagers (family thraupidae)
Tapaculos (family rhinocryptidae)
Tapirs (family tapiridae)
Tarantulas (family theraphosidae)
Tarsier (family tarsiidae)
Tarsipedidae (family)
Teasel Family (family dipsacaceae)
Tenrecs (order afrosoricida, family tenrecidae)
Tent Caterpillars, Lappet Moths (family lasiocampidae)
Terebellida (order)
Teuthida (order)
The Bony-tongued Fishes (order osteoglossiformes)
Thelypteridaceae (family)
Threadtail Damselflies (family protoneuridae)
Three-toed Sloths (family bradypodidae)
Thresher Sharks (family alopiidae)
Thrushes (family turdidae)
Thylacinidae (family)
Thymelaeaceae (family)
Ticks (order ixodida)
Tiger Moths (family arctiidae)
Tinamous (order tinamiformes, family tinamidae)
Titis, Saki Monkeys And Uakaris (family pitheciidae)
Toads (family bufonidae)
Tongueless Frogs (family pipidae)
Topminnows and Killifishes (order cyprinodontiformes)
Torrent Salamanders (family rhyacotritonidae)
Tortoises (family testudinidae)
Toucans (family ramphastidae)
Touch-Me-Not Famiily (family balsaminaceae)
Tree Shrews (order scandentia, family tupaiidae)
Trogonophidae (family)
Trogons (order trogoniformes, family trogonidae)
Tropical Centipedes (order scolopendromorpha)
Tropicbirds (family phaethontidae)
Tropiduridae (family)
Trout-perches and Pirate Perch (order percopsiformes)
True Bugs, Aphids, Leafhoppers (order hemiptera)
True Crickets (family gryllidae)
True Flies, Flies (order diptera)
True Owls (family strigidae)
True rays and Skates (order rajiformes)
True Seals (family phocidae)
Turtles (order testudines)
Two-toed Sloths (family megalonychidae)
Tyrant Flycatchers (family tyrannidae)
Ulvophyceae (class)
Umbrella-pine Family (family sciadopityaceae)
Upupiformes (order)
Valerian Family (family valerianaceae)
Vangas (family vangidae)
Velvet Spiders (family eresidae)
Velvet Worms (phylum onychophora)
Verbena Family (family verbenaceae)
Vesper Bats (family vespertilionidae)
Violets (family violaceae)
Vireos (family vireonidae)
Vitaceae (family)
Vitales (order)
Vombatidae (family)
Wagtails, Pipits (family motacillidae)
Walking Sticks, Leaf Insects (order phasmida)
Wall Lizards (family lacertidae)
Wall Spiders (family oecobiidae)
Walnut Family (family juglandaceae)
Walruses (family odobenidae)
Water Scavenger Beetles (family hydrophilidae)
Water Scorpions (family nepidae)
Water Striders (family gerridae)
Water-clovers, Pillworts (family marsileaceae)
Waterfowl (order anseriformes)
Water-Lily Family (family nymphaeaceae)
Wattle-eyes (family platysteiridae)
Weasels, Badgers and Otters (family mustelidae)
Weavers (family ploceidae)
Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (order cetacea)
Whiptails (family teiidae)
Whirlgig Beetles (family gyrinidae)
Whistlers (family pachycephalidae)
White-eyes (family zosteropidae)
Whites, Sulphurs, Orange-tips (family pieridae)
Willows (family salicaceae)
Witch-Hazel Family (family hamamelidaceae)
Wolf Spiders (family lycosidae)
Woodpeckers (family picidae)
Woodpeckers and Flicker (order piciformes)
Wood-sorrel Family (family oxalidaceae)
Wood-Warblers (family parulidae)
Wrens (family troglodytidae)
Xenosauridae (family)
Yam Family (family dioscoreaceae)
Yellowjackets, Hornets, Paper Wasps, Potter Wasps (family vespidae)
Yellow-wood Family (family podocarpaceae)
Yew Family (family taxaceae)
Zingiberales (order)
Zygomycota (phylum)
Zygophyllaceae (family)