• Who can use the Arkive API?
    • Please refer to our terms of use. The Arkive API is only available to non-commercial conservation or education organisations. If you do not fit into this category and want to use Arkive images or videos, contact the copyright owners of each image/video directly to negotiate terms and conditions for use. (Contact details for the copyright owner of each media item are shown in the 'image/video credit' link displayed to the bottom right of each image/video).
  • How do I embed the Arkive API in my website?
  • Can I include Arkive content in my Wordpress blog?
    • The Wordpress content editor restricts the use of the code needed to make the Arkive API work. It is possible to use an alternative method, as explained in the advanced instructions.
  • Can I test what it looks like before adding the code to my live website?
    • When you select your preferences on the code generator page you will be able to see a preview of the content that will be embedded in your website.

      If you have a testing site, you will be able to preview what this will look like once it’s embedded in your live site. You will need to add the host name of your test site to the “add a website” page (e.g. test.mysite.org). You will need to select this website, select your preferences on the code generator page, then copy and paste the code generated into your test website. If you are happy, you will need to select your live website and select the same preferences on the code generator page.
  • Can I use the API to automatically include content for multiple species?
  • Where do I add the code to my website?
    • Decide exactly where you want it to appear on your website. Find this position in your own HTML code. Copy and paste the Arkive code generated using the code generator.
  • Why can't I seem to add my website?
  • Why do I need to register to use the Arkive API?
    • We ask users to register their email addresses so that we can offer help and ensure that they meet our terms and conditions.
  • The registration page used to ask me to sign in with Persona. What happened?
    • Persona was a safe and secure registration service run by Mozilla (a not-for-profit organisation). However, usage was low, so they discontinued the service. We have replaced this with one-time (single-use) passwords sent to your registered email address. Having to sign in enables us to monitor use of the Arkive API while respecting the privacy of our users. The email address you use to register will never be given to anyone without your express consent.

      One-time passwords mean that you can sign in without having to remember or store a password. It will benefit you in that you only need access to your email account to sign in, and those details are never sent to us.

      This does mean that your API details are only as secure as your email account. This is similar to systems that allow you to send a "password reset" using just your email. We advise you to use a strong password and multi-factor authentication if your email service provides it.
  • Is the the one-time password login system secure?
    • The ability for anyone to log in as you, is only as secure as their ability to access the content of your emails. The login link and code we send you can only be used once, and expire after a short time, even if they go unused. We advise that you secure your email account with a strong password and multi-factor authentication.
  • Why did my attempt to register with Arkive not work?
    • To use the Arkive API, you will need to register with Arkive. You can do this by clicking on the Log in button at the top left of the page. This will take you to a log in / registration page. You will need to enter your email address, then confirm that you have read the terms and privacy policy, before clicking ‘next’. We will send you an email to the given email account, with a link to sign in, and a code which you can enter instead of the link. You will then be redirected to the ARKive API landing page.

      Our login system requires your browser to support JavaScript, third party cookies and other technologies that have been available in most browsers for at least six years. Old versions of Internet Explorer will not work so you are encouraged to upgrade.
  • How many websites can I register with the Arkive API?
    • You can register as many websites as you want but any website can only be registered once.
  • Why is the image or video from Arkive that I want to use on my website not appearing?
    • Not all Arkive content is available for use through the Arkive API. Currently, one of our media donors, Nature Picture Library, has allowed us to use over 15,000 images through the API.
  • How can I show videos?
    • Embedding of video content works slightly differently from species content. Rather than the embedded widget displaying a random selection of embed-permitted images for a given species, it displays one specific video selected by you. To achieve this, simply use the video search box instead of the species search on the code generator page to search for a video by title. You can view a complete list of videos allowed for embedding to help choose one.
  • Can I embed content on http://www.mysite.com and http://mysite.com?
    • Yes, although you will need to enter each host name as a separate website and will therefore have two separate keys. In line with standard industry practice, we strongly recommend redirecting your website visitors to only a single host name.
  • How can I add / remove the scrollbar from the embedded content?
    • You can manually add/remove the scroll bar by targeting it using your site's Cascading Style Sheet (CSS file).
      To remove: #frame { overflow : hidden; }
      To add: #frame { overflow-x : scroll; }
  • I used the Arkive API prior to February 2013. The version I used did not look the same as this. Can I still use the old version of the Arkive API?
    • We still support the v1 portlet Arkive API, but due to the many benefits of the new API when embedding content into your site, we do encourage partners to upgrade. The new Arkive API enables you to:

       •  Select the species or video you’d like to use
       •  Incorporate scientifically verified facts as well as images or a video into your website
       •  Customise the size to fit your own site

      Register to use the new Arkive API

      If the new Arkive API does not meet your requirements, please contact us.

      Documentation for the v1 portlet API can be found here.