Procarid shrimp (Procaris chacei)

GenusProcaris (1)
SizeCarapace length: 10 mm (2)

Classified as Critically Endangered (CR) on the IUCN Red List 2006 (1).

This procarid shrimp has a thin, fragile integument (hard outer covering of the body). The carapace and short, triangular rostrum are unarmed, and the eyestalks split into two blunt lobes. All five pairs of walking limbs (pereiopods) are similar, each with large, bristle-like structures (2).

Recorded only from Green Bay Cave in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda (2).

Found in anchialine limestone caves (2).

Nothing is known about the biology of this species.

The threats to this species are unknown.

There are currently no conservation measures underway targeting this species.

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  1. IUCN Red List (December, 2009)