Longhorn beetle (Jebusaea hammerschmidti)

Synonyms: Bagdatocerambyx drurei, Jebusaea persica, Pseudophilus testaceus
GenusJebusaea (1)
SizeLength: 2 - 4.5 cm (2)

Jebusaea hammerschmidti has yet to be classified by the IUCN.

Jebusaea hammerschmidti is a member of the Cerambycidae family, also known as the longhorn beetles or longicorns, which are characterised by long antennae that may be as long as, or even longer than the beetle’s body (3). These curious insects also usually have an elongate, cylindrical, robust body, with well-developed, oval eyes and long, slender legs. The pronotum (the foremost of the three segments on the thorax) is well developed and often spiny, and the scaly forewings are usually longer than the membranous hind wings (4).

Jebusaea hammerschmidti is known from southern Iran, southern Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman (5).

A parasite of the true date palm (Phoenixdactilifera), Jebusaea hammerschmidti occurs wherever this tree is found in its native range (2) (5).

While very little is known about the biology of Jebusaea hammerschmidti, it is thought to be a nocturnal species, occurring only on true date palms (2).

Jebusaea hammerschmidti is considered a serious destructive pest in date palm plantations and may be actively eradicated from these areas (2).

Jebusaea hammerschmidti has not been the target of any known conservation measures.

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