Adding the Arkive search to your browser

To integrate Arkive's powerful searching tools directly into your browser, click the following link:

Add Arkive search provider

Please note: this functionality is only available in Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 2, or newer web browsers. If you have any problems installing or using the search, please contact us on

Alternatively, you can add the search tool manually by looking for the drop down list of search providers in your browser's toolbar. When on the website, the list of search providers will be highlighted to show that a new search provider is available. Click on the arrow and follow the instructions to add the Arkive search provider.

For Internet Explorer 7:


For Firefox:


The Arkive search will now be available from your browser, allowing you to search the Arkive content directly without visiting the Arkive website. Just look for the drop down list of search providers and choose 'Arkive Search'.