Lichen (Lobaria sachalinensis)

FamilyLobariaceae (1)

Classified as Data Deficient (DD) (2).

This lichen has a lobed, leafy appearance; it is a dark greenish colour and may produce reddish fruiting bodies when fertile (3).

Found on Sakhalin Island, in the Russian Far East, and on the island of Hokkaido, Japan (2).

The major habitat is broad-leaved forests such as Juglans ailantifolia forest, found in the southwest of Sakhalin Island (2).

Lichens consist of two different organisms, a 'mycobiont' (a fungus) and a 'phycobiont' (either an alga, which is a simple plant, or a cyanobacterium, a bacteria that can photosynthesise), which live together in a symbiotic association(4). Little is known about this Russian lichen.

Information currently unavailable.

Information currently unavailable.

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