Meet the team

ARKive is created and run by the charity Wildscreen. Our team of dedicated and creative people based in Bristol, UK and Washington D.C., USA, is made up of passionate scientists, technology gurus and social media whizzes.

Susan Norton

Susan Norton Chief Executive Officer, Wildscreen USA

Susan joined Wildscreen USA as Chief Executive Officer in March 2013. Prior to joining Wildscreen USA, she founded and is the principal of Cultural Connections Consultants LLC, and served as the Director of the National Geographic Museum. Susan's love for nature conservation stems from growing up on a farm in the country where wildlife was respected and appreciated.

Believes… That a compelling wildlife image - whether film or photograph, beautiful or strange - can inspire you to learn more and take action. See It. Love It. Save It.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: When I was a young girl, I was fascinated by drawings of sea horses but thought that they couldn’t possibly exist in real life - like dragons and unicorns. When I finally saw a photograph of a sea horse, I was amazed to learn that they did exist. I have since seen many of these beautiful animals in aquarium displays. Sadly, with so many threats to this species, indeed they may not exist much longer.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: My favorite image on ARKive is the Crested Black Macaque who seems surprised and curious and the image always makes me smile and want to know more.


Andy Dudfield
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Andy has been leading the technical team at Wildscreen since late 2012. From a web development, project and product management background he enjoys tinkering with new technologies and ensuring the Wildscreen audience find them as simple to use as possible. He is also a bit of a geek.

Believes… in design affordance and semantic data.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Whale watching off the coast of Victoria, Canada was something I will long remember.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: It changes all the time, but this video of the Andean cock of the rock is an amazing example of the kind of gems the ARKive is full of.


Ben Capewell

Ben Capewell IT Systems Developer, Wildscreen

Ben loves the web and to build things for it, and working primarily on ARKive’s technical front-end development gives him plenty of opportunities to indulge his passion.

Believes… humans must not lose sight of the importance to their prosperity of the natural world.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: As a monkey fan it was an excitingly novel experience for me to get close to and observe wild monkeys in Kashmir. It became all the more memorable when I got a bit too close to one with my camera, and for one horrible moment thought I was going to have a very angry monkey jump onto my head!

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: It’s not strictly a wildlife film, but I could watch Alone in the Wilderness again and again and again. I could never live like that, but it’s incredibly absorbing and peaceful to spend an hour in Dick Proenneke’s shoes, watching him build a cabin in the mountains and living at one with nature in such a wild place.


Chris Tomlinson

Chris Tomlinson IT Systems Architect, Wildscreen

Since 2004, Chris has been working behind the scenes on many of ARKive’s technical developments. He works on the award-winning website, ensures the systems that preserve the high quality media donated to ARKive are working and secure as well as providing technical support to the rest of the ARKive team. He even set up a wireless network across Bristol’s floating harbour long before it was cool - it’s cool now isn’t it?!

Believes… ARKive’s upcoming technical developments are nearly as exciting as seeing the team kitchen newly populated with cakes from ARKive’s resident master bakers.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: The colourful, inquisitive and intimidating squadron of squid that surrounded me one day in the Caribbean was pretty cool, although I was a little nervous!

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: I don’t have one so here are some videos of squid instead – maybe one of the species is the same one that I saw.


Claire Lamb

Claire Lamb ARKive Content and Outreach Officer, Wildscreen

Having been animal mad for as long as she can remember, Claire grew up in the New Forest and was fascinated by the wildlife on her doorstep. At the age of eight she earned her bird watching badge at Brownies, and a wildlife based career seemed like destiny! Claire joined the ARKive team in 2009 after completing a BSc in Zoology and Psychology.

Believes… everyone should find a little time to appreciate and enjoy the natural world, as it can be so easy to take it for granted.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: My favourite species is the African wild dog, and seeing a pack with a kill on a night drive in Kruger National Park was an experience I will never forget.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: The incredible aerial footage of African wild dogs hunting from the BBC Planet Earth series.


Hannah Mulvany

Hannah Mulvany ARKive Content Officer, Wildscreen

Hannah has returned to ARKive after doing a placement year with us during her BSc in Conservation Biology. Her fascination with the natural world began when she used to visit Cornwall every summer from a young age, where she took an interest in the numerous shells that littered the beach. Wondering where they came from began the endless torrent of questions and need for answers that ultimately drove Hannah to be a scientist.

Believes… education is one of the most vital tools in conserving the natural world.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Having a bit of a King Kong moment with a male orangutan in Borneo which took a liking to me and tried to drag me off into the forest. The orangutan is still one of my favourite animals, despite the attempted abduction!

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: The more I see on ARKive, the more favourites I have! I think I would have to say the Blue Planet series, as I love watching underwater films and that was absolutely spectacular. I love how underwater film opens up a whole new world that you would never be able to see otherwise.


Jemma Pealing

Jemma Pealing ARKive Media Researcher, Wildscreen

Having grown up in the countryside Jemma has always been interested in wildlife, often pestering her parents to look after hedgehogs from the local animal shelter over the winter who were too small to survive by themselves. After a trip to Jersey Zoo and learning about the fate of the dodo, she knew she wanted a career with wildlife. After completing a degree in Zoology, Jemma joined the ARKive team in 2012.

Believes… that showing people the wonders of the natural world, and educating them about what threatens it is the best approach to preserving biodiversity for future generations.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Being lucky enough to see a mother orangutan and her infant climbing in the trees in the Bornean rainforest. This is closely followed by stumbling across a short-beaked echidna crossing the path in Noosa National Park, Australia.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: This one is tough as there are so many great photos and videos. The whole of the Frozen Planet series was incredible but one of my favourite moments from the series is the scene where a male Adélie penguin steals stones from his neighbours nest! Another personal favourite is this image on ARKive of a sleeping infant Bornean orangutan.


Kat Dixon

Kat Dixon Front End Developer, Wildscreen

After a stint as a Wildscreen Festival volunteer in 2010, Kat joined the Wildscreen team in early 2014. With a degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Biological Photography & Imaging, and a love of wildlife and the natural world, she’s pretty sure she’s found her dream job tinkering away on Wildscreen’s websites.

Believes… that we’re so lucky to have such a diverse and beautiful natural world; the least we can do is look after it.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: The memory of filming bottlenose dolphins off the Welsh coast, having never even seen a dolphin until the previous week, still brings a grin to my face; balancing on the bow of a small research boat, camera in hand, with fourteen dolphins bow riding and leaping all around was pretty magical. Closely followed by an encounter with a wild orang-utan and her infant, picnicking with a group of mischievous kea atop a mountain, or getting that perfect shot of a humpback whale breaching just metres away … the list goes on!

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: There’s so much fantastic footage and imagery out there, but watching the 2010 Wildscreen Festival Award winner, Green, is very moving and a real eye-opener. I also love marine mammals and their underwater world - nothing beats watching Blue Planet - and I find images like this humpback whale photo, to be pretty impressive.


Kay Clark

Kay Clark Development Manager, Wildscreen

Kay is on focused on finding new ways to help people value nature. Coming from a carbon conscious background, she now finds the world’s wildlife is an inspiring way to turn hearts and minds towards pressing environmental issues.

Believes… That in our race to protect the planet, á la Heineken, Wildscreen can refresh the parts other conservation organisations just can’t reach!

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Working at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka, just like me, when elephants take a bath they do love to have someone scrub their backs.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: Does Jungle Book count? Sorry, I just love the music!


Liana Vitali

Liana Vitali Science, Education and Outreach Officer, Wildscreen USA

As part of a small but mighty team in the US, Liana enjoys meeting fascinating and influential filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and educators as part of her daily work. Getting the occasional chance to explore ARKive with students in the classroom is also a pretty awesome perk!

Believes… that inspiring even one single person to appreciate nature is a success.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: a tie between swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez and chasing the Przewalkski’s horse in Mongolia.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: No matter how many times I look at this picture, I always find it hard to tear my eyes away from the snow leopard’s eyes!


Lucie Muir

Lucie Muir ARKive Manager, Wildscreen

Growing up round the corner from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Lucie couldn’t help but become a bit obsessed with animals. After studying Zoology and Conservation at University, cementing the obsession even further, Lucie joined Wildscreen’s ARKive project in 2005. She leads our educational work, looks after the Content Team and is responsible for the excessive use of puns in the ARKive enews and blog. Gerald Durrell have a lot to answer for.

Believes… Everyone has the right to see and fall in love with nature.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Watching humpback whales bubble-net feeding in Cape Cod, closely followed by being force-fed my first ever fig courtesy of a Sumatran orangutan.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: This is hard but one of my favourites has to be the 2008 Wildscreen Festival entry Hawaii Message in the Waves. It really shows the difference a film can make and it’s now the focus of a new ARKive education resource.

Then there’s the solenodon. It was my conversation starter with Sir David Attenborough when he visited the Wildscreen offices. My gran has a picture of this momentous occasion on her fridge – that’s how much of a big deal it was.


Verity Pitts

Verity Pitts ARKive Manager, Wildscreen

The intricacies of nature have fascinated Verity for as long as she can remember. After completing her PhD in avian vision, Verity joined Wildscreen’s team in 2003 to work on the ARKive project and helped develop the content, first as a Media Researcher, and then as ARKive Research Manager.

Believes… that the natural world provides an endless source of wonder.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Vancouver Island is a stunning place and provided many memorable wildlife encounters - inquisitive gray whales investigating the boat and its occupants, kayaking with marbled murrelets, watching bears easily turning over huge rocks while foraging at the shoreline and spotting sea otters frolicking in the seaweed.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: ARKive is chock-full of beautiful images but some of my favourites are by Vincent Munier, Kevin Schafer and Alexander Haas.